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Book with drawings by Hans Johansson          Book with prints by Hans Johansson Drypoints and Litographs


I was born in the north of Sweden, but I have been living in Stockholm while I Studied at

Royal College of Art. Nowadays, nowadays I live in Skåne in the south of Sweden.Triptych-by-Hans-Johansson
My studio and home is located in a small village called Väggarp, between Eslöv and Lund.
My painting is colorful I never become bored of experimenting with colors,The drawing is always the basis formy paintings and my graphics

.During the nine years that I have studied at art schools,I have had teachers as Lennart Rodhe,

Jörg Immendorf, Peter Dahl,KG Nilsson, Nils G Stenqvist,Tommy Östmar and many more.

The teachers who have meant the most to me is
Professor Nils G Stenqvist for my graphics and for my paintings.
For my drawing, Tommy Östmar had great significance as a professor
of drawing at the Art Academy in Stockholm,
where I was a student for five years until 1983.
Hans Johansson